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About the Peachland Hub Society

The Hub concept was born of necessity, as the Peachland Wellness Centre, the Peachland Food Bank, the Peachland Community Policing, and Peachland Lions groups started to look for new homes due to the pending demolition of their current homes to make way for the second tower of the Peachland Seniors Residences. In discussions with the Peachland and District Retirement Society (operators of the 50+ Activity Centre) it became clear that a new facility to house all of Peachland’s community service non-profit groups was the best solution.

On December 2, 2021, many of Peachland's community service non-profit groups got together at the Chamber of Commerce to discuss our shared needs and to commit to the Hub project. The concept was presented to Council who gave approval in principle for the project.

Later that month, the Peachland Hub Society was formed, with each of the participating groups being founding members. Then the hard work began.

Through the winter of 2022 we worked to develop the "Peachland Hub Business Case - V1". On April 19 we presented it to Council. Based on this plan Council passed a resolution authorizing us to proceed with the project and providing a commitment to lease the facility back to the groups. Then the really hard work began.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success!

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide the facilities and support to Peachland's community service groups to enable them to provide their programs and services to enrich the lives of the  people of Peachland.  

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Our Vision

To have an active, supportive and connected Peachland Community for Everyone

We Need Your Support Today!

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