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The Hub  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HUB? 

The Peachland HUB is the proposed name of the new community services facility in town, as well as the non profit society that has been formed to make the project happen and manage it once the building has been constructed. The Hub complex will have two buildings: the main Hub will be built on the site of the current 50+ Activity Centre and the Annex (housing the Food Bank) will extend back towards Hwy 97.


Who is involved?

Most of Peachland’s community service non-profit groups are participating in the Peachland Hub project. The Hub project’s three biggest space users are the Peachland and District Retirement Society (PDRS runs the current 50+ Activity Centre), the Peachland Wellness Centre and the Peachland Food Bank. The other participants include Peachland Community Connects, BEEPS, the Peachland Chamber of Commerce, Peachland Lions Club, Rotary Club of Peachland, and the Peachland Ambassadors. We are reaching out to the Westbank First Nation to see if groups within their community could benefit from the Hub.

Why do we need the Hub?

The Hub concept was born of necessity, as the Peachland Wellness Centre, the Peachland Food Bank, the

Peachland Community Policing, and Peachland Lions groups started to look for new homes due to the pending demolition of their current homes to make way for the second tower of the Peachland Seniors Residences. In discussions with the PDRS it became clear that a new facility to house all of Peachland’s community service non-profit groups was the best solution.

Why are you fundraising for a District owned building?

The District currently leases several building to our community service non-profits on a 5-year renewable at $1 per year terms.  This includes the 50+ Activity Centre, the house the PWC is in, the house share by Peachland Community Policing and Lions, and the garage used by the Food Bank.  As most of these are to be demolished, and the answer seems to be enhancing or replacing the 50+ Activity Centre, the question becomes how to make it happen. The Hub groups did not want the project to be a burden on Peachland taxpayers, so we are undertaking to find all of the financing ourselves. The expectation is that the Peachland HUB will remain the property of the District and be leased on similar terms to the consortium of non-profit groups.  


Will this impact taxpayers?   

The Hub project is being driven entirely by the non-profit groups that will make use of the facility. This includes all designing, planning, construction, and most importantly, fundraising for the project. The District’s contribution will be the land, none of the funding for the Hub construction will come from Peachland taxpayers (except voluntarily in the form of donations).

The Hub will be a model for sustainable development of District buildings. The Hub will adhere to the Net-Zero Carbon Building Design Standard v3 which includes reviewing of all components and systems to responsibly address lifecycle costs, operating cost, energy usage, embedded carbon, and reducing long term maintenance efforts through thoughtful material and system choices. The Hub is going to be a blessing to the taxpayers, not a burden.

How Much will it Cost and How Will it be Paid For?

Current estimate for the Hub project is $15.25M (this does not include the estimated $3M - $4M for the land being provided by the District of Peachland) with targets of 71% to come from grants, 23% from donations and 6% from raffles and other fundraisers.

Our first grant application, to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund, for $80K was approved in December 2022. We are preparing our application to Infrastructure Canada's Green and Inclusive Community Buildings for $8.26M - that application is due February 28, 2023. We are working with our local MLA Dan Ashton to identify opportunities for Provincial support of the Hub.

We will be approaching every family and corporate foundation in Canada that supports community service

capital projects, we will also be approaching major corporations in an ever-increasing radius from Peachland,

and we will be approaching high net worth individuals with the goal of securing donations ranging from

$25,000 to $500,000 or more. We are targeting $2.28M from these larger donations.

For this project to succeed, we will need widespread support from within the community, from individual Peachlanders and from friends of Peachland. We are targeting $1.15M in donations ranging from $25 to $10,000.  Donations of any size are appreciated, all donations of $25 or more will receive a charitable donation tax receipt, and all donors of $250 or more will have their names put on our Donor Recognition Wall inside the Hub. If the 2,900 households in Peachland donated an average of $395, we would exceed our goal.

Raffles and events will play a key role in the fundraising efforts for the Hub with a goal of $900,000. The intention is to hold one car raffle in each of 2024 and 2025, and two major 50/50 draws in 2023, 2024 and 2025. The raffles held in 2022 provided important guidance for future raffles with respect to sales methods and event timing. Dinners and other events will contribute with tickets sales, silent auctions, and bars, as well as donations. In 2022 we held a Lobster Dinner and Jail ‘n Bail events - both were quite successful. For 2023 we have a Murder Mystery and international dinners planned.

How can I help?   

The main ways that you can help the Hub project are:

  1. Volunteer - Volunteer with our fundraising efforts. We can always use some help at out booth at markets, or organizing and running a dinner or other fundraising event.

  2. Buy raffle tickets - Buy tickets for our car raffle and/or our 50/50 raffle and encourage all of your friends and family to buy tickets too (must in BC at the time of purchase).

  3. Make a donation - Determine how much you are comfortable donating and make a one-time donation or a “2 Times for the Hub” pledge.

  4. Spread the word - Tell your neighbours, friends and family about the Hub. Get everyone excited about this truly exciting, and much needed, project for Peachland.

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