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Hub Funding Breakdown

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The current project cost estimate for both buildings in the Hub complex is $15.25M; $14.53M for the main Hub building and $725K for the Food Bank. This does not include the estimated $3M - $4M for the land being provided by the District of Peachland.

The fundraising plan is for $10.8M (71%) of this to come from grants, $3.56M (23%) from donations, and $900K (6%) from raffles and other events.

Hub Donation Campaigns

Start-up Fundraising Campaign

Through April and May of 2022 the Start-up Fundraising Campaign sought to raise sufficient funds to be able to hire the project's architect and engineering team for the first phase. This project was referred to as the "Schematic Design and Energy Study". It would allow the early concepts to be advanced to the stage that a major grant could be applied for.

The goal of this campaign was to raise $120K. This goal was exceeded as $184K was raised.

Large Donations Campaign - Goal $2.28M

Large donations are being sought from high net-worth individuals, foundations and corporations.


Community Donations Campaign - Goal $1.15M

For the Hub project to be successful, widespread support from the community will be needed. This includes Peachlanders as well as friends of Peachland.

Donations of any size are appreciated, all donations of $25 or more will receive a charitable donation tax receipt, and all donors of $250 or more will have their names put on our Donor Recognition Wall inside the Hub. If the 2,900 households in Peachland donated an average of $395, we would exceed our goal.


All donations that you make to the Hub are added together to determine your final Donor Recognition Level that will go on our Donor Recognition Wall.

The "2 Times for the Hub" Pledge
Make a donation now, and commit
to make the same donation again in 12 months!

One time donations are also greatly appreciated.

To Donate by Cheque

(No fees deducted)

Make the cheque payable to:
Peachland Wellness Centre

Drop the cheque at the Wellness Centre or the 50+

To Donate Online

Click here to donate online at Trellis

(Reduced by fees)

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